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Add.: Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel.: +86-757-86682418

Main Products
  • LED Bulb The LED light bulb adopts the most advanced technology all over the world developed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company which is the second largest semiconductor supplier. With a concise...
  • LED Spotlight The LED spotlight adopts cold light source, which does not affect the environmental temperature. The LED light saves 80% electricity compared to a traditional incandescent lamp. High grade, thickened ...
  • LED Tube Light Our LED tube light is similar to traditional incandescent lamp in the aspect of shape. However, it lasts up to10 times longer but consumes less than 1/3 power required by the traditional incandescent lamp.
  • LED Down Light Unique design for excellent heat dissipation.
    Optical design of reflect cover, coupled with a special inner coating, ensures high light efficiency and soft, uniform lighting. ...
  • T Series LED Table LampOur T series LED table lamp comes with a patented light source. It uses LED spotlight of Light Cell brand, offering dimmable as well as uniform light and creating a perfect visual experience.